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About A1 Freight Broker Training
A1 Freight Broker Training is a nationally recognized, innovative consulting firm specializing in transportation and logistics consulting with vast transportation industry knowledge.

A1 Freight Training And Logistics Consulting provides insight and strategies that are needed to be a real logistics professional. A1 innovative training program can teach you how to succeed in the transportation industry. 

A1 has not only trained some of the most successful freight broker agents in the nation, but A1 has also helped freight brokerages to become more profitable in their logistics businesses.

A1 is owned by Dr. J. David Ford 

For over 35 years Dr. Ford has traveled to various countries teaching thousands of teachers to teach. One of the gifts he has is being able to take a complex subject and break it down so even a child can understand it. His "no nonsense" way of teaching is always extremely "informative" as well as "interesting."  When he teaches you are not just listening to a mere lecture, but you become part of an "event" that can change your life.

Dr. Ford is also the president and founder of More Than Conquerors School of Theology ( and pastor of Evangelistic Messengers Association, a ministry established by his father in 1933 (, plus is also the president and founder of New Hope Children's Foundation (

A1 is managed by Charity Ford (Mr. Ford's daughter).

                            Charity has worked by her father's side in a number of endeavors
                            since she was very young. She now handles all aspects of A1.

Dr. Ford has been in the ministry for over 50 years. He is a 7th generation minister, with roots going back to two great, great, great, great grandfathers who worked with George Washington back in the 1700's to insure that religious freedom became a part of the Bill of Rights (Rev. Reuben Ford and Rev. William Webber - you can Google both of these ministers).