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Almost every product you see in a store has been transported there by truck. The largest industry in the world is the transportation of goods. One-third of the Gross Domestic Product in industrialized nations is made up of the transportation of goods. Each year almost 700 billion dollars in goods is moved by truck. The trucking industry is a 250 billion dollar industry. If trucking were to stop for 72 hours, almost everything else would also stop.

In the field of freight logistics there are no limits...
The trucking industry in the U.S. employs around 9 million people, and of that number, 3.5 million are truckers. Two million tractor trailer trucks regularly operate on U.S. highways. These trucks are usually one of three categories: “flatbed,” “dry van” or a “refrigerated unit (reefers). It is estimated there are over 500,000 trucking companies. 

In 2008, there were about 45,000 people working as cargo and freight agents. In this decade, this figure is expected to increase by about 25%, which will be over 10,000 agents. This is far greater growth than the average for other occupations.

Freight that is being shipped from Point A to Point B needs a person who is known as a “freight agent” to arrange and coordinate the transportation of the freight.
Welcome to A1 Freight Broker Training and to an 
industry where you set the limits!!! 

Our mission at A1 is to give you a thorough understanding of the motor freight industry by creating a foundation of knowledge in which to build on for years to come. Due to A1's Accelerated Training Program, you’ll embrace years of experience in a fraction of the time and expense. 

There are many elements of the transportation infrastructure including: air, sea, railways and motor freight. Our focus at A1 is to help you master one area of this industry... brokering “motor freight” transported via commercial trucks.

Entrepreneur magazine has rated the freight brokering business as one of the top home-based businesses to own. A recent Wall Street Journal article cited freight brokering and logistics as the largest growing sector of the transportation industry. 

Regardless of the state of our national economy, there will always be a need for the transportation of goods, products, and other related services. Transportation is critical to economic and social survival and will never subside. 

We believe the only way to truly succeed in the freight business is through honesty, integrity and customer-focused service. It is only through these ethical values that one can expect to be successful. Therefore, we are dedicated to teaching you a step-by-step process that is performed each and every time to ensure success.

A motivated and disciplined freight agent, who has received the proper training, can build up his or her business into a six-figure-earning potential. It is an ideal home business for a self-starter who enjoys fast-paced work.

At A1 Freight Broker Training we believe that the right decision is in allowing A1 to prepare you to take your place in the transportation industry. 

We all know that if we are going to be successful in any business, proper training is the key. Just having a license, an office, a computer, a cell phone, a good personality, sales experience and cash does not mean you will be successful in the freight industry.

It means knowing your chosen field inside and out. This is especially true in the Freight Brokering side of the transportation industry. 

A business where time is of the essence and a mistake could cost you dearly. You have to be a salesman, an accountant, and an intermediary all rolled into one. 

Just as you would not go to a hair stylist for a broken arm or to an accountant for a toothache so why trust your broker training to someone who hasn’t been there and done that? 

Your success depends on your knowledge. And your knowledge depends on your receiving the proper training. And your training needs to come from someone who knows the freight broker industry inside and out. This needs to be someone who has had the experience in dealing with carriers, building customer bases, and knows how to negotiate rates. 

Proper freight broker training should cover where, what, when, why, who, and how.

You can’t be a success if you don’t know where to start, what to say, whom to ask, when to listen, why it’s done a certain way, and how to do it that way.

There is not way to get around it! "Proper training" is imperative for "success" in "any" business.

We have a lot to offer at A1... "years of experience" in every aspect of the freight industry, teachers who know "how to teach."  

Just as a journey begins with the first step... so it is with learning how to broker freight. The good news is A1 stands ready to assist you in every step of the way to achieving your goal of becoming a successful freight broker.

Although there is much to learn, A1's Accelerated Modular Training Program will not overwhelm you. For we have plan at A1... to impart the knowledge you need the same way you eat an elephant - “one bite at a time.” 

Our goal at A1 is to couple yesterday’s integrity with modern cutting-edge technology. 

We hope you make the "right choice" and choose A1 Freight Broker Training to help prepare you to take your place along side the many other professional freight brokers who are earning an excellent income in the freight industry.

It is also important for you to know that A1 is foremost a company of "integrity." At A1 there is only one way to do things and that is the right way. We do not allow any kind of "compromise" or "grey areas."

The Bible records in Psalms 78:72 that King David took care of Israel according to the integrity in his heart and guided Israel by the skilfulness of his hands.

You can expect the same thing from our staff at A1. We will take care of you by the "integrity" of our hearts and we will teach you how to become one of the best freight agents in the business!