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Is Becoming A Freight Agent Right For You?

This questionnaire has been put together in order to help you understand the “makeup” of a “successful” freight agent. Since we at A1 Freight want to see you successful, we put this questionnaire together to help guide you in making the right decision.  

Choose the answers below that you feel best describes how you feel about yourself.

If your score is low, and you have the “want to,” we can train you in all of the areas below. Don’t feel bad if an area below is weak. The important thing is, if is a “weak point” for you now, with the proper training and “the want to,” it can become your “strong point.” It’s all up to you!

1. Do you enjoy working with people?   
2. Do you work well alone?   
3. Are you a good detail person? 
4. Do you like negotiating?  
5. Are you good at reading maps/distances?  
6. Do you like doing paperwork? 
7. Are you able to set goals and meet them?  
8. Would you like to be your own boss?  
9. Can you meet deadlines?  
10. Are you a good learner?  
11. Do you like sales work?  
12. Do you always have to be told what to do?  
13. Can you work quickly when it is needed?  
14. Can you make quick decisions?  
15. Would you like to learn how to sell better?  
16. Do you like talking to total strangers?  
17. Do you consider yourself a “people person”?  
18. Do you like to “sharpen your skills”?  
19. Are you “productive” at what you do?  
20. Do you want to own your own business?  
21. Do you like looking for answers to questions? 
22. Do you want to “satisfy” those you work with?  
23. Do you “plan ahead”?  
24. Are you good at “multi tasking”?  
25. Do you work well under pressure?  
26. Are you willing to work hard?  
27. Are you ready for a better than average income? 
28. Do you like having to deal with changes?  
29. Does your family support you in your decisions?  
30. Are your ready to make a career change?