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Welcome to "A1 Freight Broker Training"... the company that provides you with both training and a 100% job guarantee.  

Perhaps, you have already visited a number of other freight broker training websites. 
If so... then you may be thoroughly confused! 

What you are probably wondering about now is... 
where can you receive the best training? 

 Well, let’s examine this question together.

Let’s say money is no object. You can easily afford the 
best training available. So… your question still is… 
whose training program is the best?

Well, the first thing you must decide is... who is really telling you the truth? After all... in an industry as big as this, there is certain to be companies that are only interested in making a buck... and you are now the target.  

So let’s begin by looking at some proven facts.

What these companies are NOT telling you is that… breaking into the freight industry is difficult.  

Beware of companies that tell you it is EASY to broker freight... and that you will make tons of money! 

As much as we at A1 would like to tell you that it is EASY... the truth is... it is not EASY.  
If you are NOT properly trained... and will NOT have a professional trainer to work by your side when you begin brokering freight... then, more than likely you will be among the almost 90% who have successfully completed a freight broker training program, but never become successful in brokering freight. They have failed and you will fail too.

Your next question probably is, “Why?” 

From my observation of this industry over the years… there are a number of problematic areas I have seen over and over again.


I don’t know how many times I have received calls 
from people who have successfully completed a 
freight broker training course or even as many as 
3 courses. They may have spent thousands of 
dollars for this “training.” 

They also purchased a good computer... set up 
an office...and have been trying to broker freight for months 
(or even a year)... and yet, they have NOT BEEN ABLE TO BROKER THEIR FIRST LOAD OF FREIGHT!

Then, just when they think their ship is coming in... they realize their ship is actually sinking.  

At A1… our hearts go out to these folks. If you are one of them, I want to encourage you today… to not despair.

We are truly sorry for those of you who have been taken in by these charlatans who convinced you that if they gave them thousands of their “hard earned” dollars for THEIR training program… you would soon be making BIG money. 

However, the truth is, these charlatans know fully well that most everyone taking their training program is GOING TO FAIL

Those who “sign up”... were like sheep going to the slaughter. I’m sorry to offer you such a sad picture, but I believe it is the truth.

What a tragic surprise it it to them when… after their classes are over and they have hung their certificate on the wall stating they are certified to broker freight.... yet weeks of waiting for results only turned into months of frustration. 

They finally come to the sad realization that the 3 or 5 days they spent at a freight broker training school, were a waste of both their time and money.

No, many of those selling training courses on the internet do not want you to know this. 

INSTEAD... they want you to falsely believe... that after you finish “their training program,” the freight-world is going to beat a path to your door. Believe me... it won’t!!!

Years ago, before I owned A1, I learned this the hard way. I spent $2,500 for my son Joshua to go to a freight brokering school for five days of training. 

Joshua completed the course and received his certificate. The following Monday he wanted to try to broker freight. The truth was he was no closer to brokering a load of freight... after receiving the training… than he was before.

Joshua had studied. He knew the materials the school had presented during the training classes. But yet, he quickly realized that what he had learned about brokering freight... just wasn’t going to bring the promised results.

What if a young man were to decide to study at a medical school to become a brain surgeon... and all the information he received.... consisted of merely reading books and listening to lectures?

And, let’s say that after six years of reading about it... and hearing about it... he graduates... and then sets up his own medical practice. 

How about it? This young doctor having never set foot in an operating room... never held a surgical instrument in his hands... and never seen the real insides of someone’s head... how successful do you think this young doctor will be in treating patients in need of brain surgery? Would you like to be his first patient? Would you be ready for him to operate on your brain?  

You will not be any more successful in brokering freight… if all you do is sit in a classroom and listen to lectures. 

This is the situation most freight agents find themselves in on their first day on the job, even though they are graduates of a training school. 

I paid more for Joshua to go to a classroom because I thought the training and personal contact for the five days would be the best way to learn. Was I ever mistaken!

At A1... we are not interested in keeping you in a classroom for five days while a teacher “lectures” you about brokering freight.  

When students take freight brokering training in a classroom, another aspect of this is, the teachers try to draw their training lectures out in order to make their students believe they are getting a lot for their money. 

They are getting a lot all right... a lot of irrelevant facts they do not need to know and will not ever use.

The first day of the prominent freight broker training school my son attended consisted of motivational talks. The trainer may also major on adding funny superfluous stories that are not needed in order for a student to become successful in brokering freight.  

Joshua wrote in his notes, “Nothing worth taking notes on!” It was the same the next day... “Nothing worth taking notes on!”

At A1... we “cut through the fat!” We will teach you only what you MUST KNOW in order to successfully broker freight. All the “fluff” and meaningless “drivel” is left out. 

We believe the best way to learn to ride a bicycle is not by reading about it or by listening to lectures about how to do it, but get some training wheels and get on it. 

We view brokering freight the same way. Instead of sitting in a classroom merely reading about it or hearing about it, why not do it?

At A1… we want to get you quickly beyond facts, figures... and mere information... and on to application... so you can begin earning money.

Information is nice for the “intellect,” but it is “application” that gets the job done!

So why would a freight training school take your $2,500… $3,800… or even $5,000 for a week’s training... knowing you are going to fail? It is simple! It is called... GREED.

At A1… we fervently desire your success (and not just what we can make from selling you a program). That is why we do things the right way... so you master the art of brokering freight. 

It is also good to know that at A1, you don’t have to spend a lot of money traveling to a school to sit in a classroom because… at work right in your home... on your computer... and study at your own pace.

So far we have established this fact that... LITTLE OR NO PERSONAL SUPPORT... after “informational” training... usually leads to... FAILURE. 

This is why at A1… after you have completed our home-study program, you will receive “UNLIMITED” PERSONAL SUPPORT for as long as you work with NHGL.

Personal support is not optional at A1! Personal support is mandatory. We know that without this support, most everyone is doomed to fail.

At A1… we can not emphasize enough the value of having a trainer who is there for you in the future.

We believe this makes the difference... between success and failure!

So what is our mission at A1? To provide you with ALL THE TOOLS you NEED in order to SUCCESSFULLY BROKER FREIGHT. And then... so you can put into practice what you have learned… we PROVIDE YOU WITH A GUARANTEED JOB! 

Another important fact about brokering freight is that if you are a newbie in the business, it is highly unlikely any logistics company will hire you.

Why is this? Companies that produce poorly trained students… will never find a freight brokerage that will take their graduates.

So the good news is… after you have completed A1’s “informational training” in your home... you can immediately “go to work” for a freight brokerage that will be there to support you in the future.

There is another very important ingredient to learning to broker freight successfully which must not be left out.... and this is INTEGRITY.

“Integrity” is not a buzzword at A1. It is A1’s very “HEARTBEAT.”

And then there is the fact… that if a freight broker training company is teaching their students to lie to get a load, what is keeping them from lying to you concerning their training. 

Wherever the truth takes us at A1… is exactly where we’ll go. 

Trust should be an important factor in choosing the right freight broker for your training. After all, it is your future that is at stake.

At A1… you can expect to learn “the truth” concerning your training. Just as the Bible teaches us that “the truth will make us free...” and so it is in your training at A1. 

You can not “afford” training that does not lay out all the facts... the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our goal at A1 is to couple yesterday’s integrity.... with today’s modern cutting-edge technology. 

Another fact in the freight broker training industry is…. 
“you do not always get what you paid for.”

There are those who believe that if you pay more for something, you are getting a better product. Do you believe this is always true?

People often wonder why A1 charges so little for our training. It really is not a question of why we are charging so little… but why are others charging so much.

Really... why should people pay for an airline flight... hotel... food... and then pay someone $500 a day.... to sit in a class with 20 others to listen to some lectures about brokering freight? Isn’t the $50,000 the instructor is making for a week’s work, a little on the high side?

One thing is certain… considering all the training you receive from A1... both the "informational training" you complete on your computer at home and the 30 days of "personal unlimited support" and then the personal ongoing support you will receive from the freight brokerage that hires you... doesn’t it make good sense to give strong consideration to receiving your training from A1?

Now I believe it would be good to talk about your cost if you were to decide to receive your training with A1. Some people feel this is the BEST part of it all because A1 is so inexpensive.

The total cost of our Freight Agent training program is only $798. 

Since this training is in two phases, students may purchase Phase 1 for $399 and then when you have completed the first phase, purchase Phase 2 for $399. A1 has broken the cost of training into two payments in order to help those who may be struggling financially to still be able to afford training.

Phase 1 includes all the training material A1 has been using since 2005. 

You will be able to complete these training materials on your computer right in your home.  

Phase 2 of A1's training includes you going to work actually brokering freight, with an A1 trainer assisting you.

Before I close, please allow me to reinterate a few things concerning A1 Accelerated Freight Agent Training Program:

* Our PRICE is way too low... It should be at least $3,500, but it is only $798. 

Please don’t judge the quality of our training by our price.

So, at A1, it’s not just about the money...

* Whoever you decide to go with for your training, make sure those you work with are people of INTEGRITY... not just out to make a dollar.

* Whatever you do... do not buy a course for $10 or $10,000 and read it, and then think you can go out and broker freight... We believe it is almost impossible for that to happen. Reading about how to broker freight, and then doing it in the real world are two different things.

In order to be successful, you must have a trainer that will be there for you.

AFTER YOU SIGN UP TO TAKE OUR COURSE, YOU WILL BE PRE-HIRED BY A GOOD FREIGHT BROKERAGE. This company is waiting now for you to finish Phase One of your training so you can go to work for them.  

Probably, 20% of our freight training program is in the materials we email you. The other 80% is the “hands on experience” of actually brokering freight. Getting EXPERIENCE is a must!

Please do not be concerned about our “no refund policy." The only reason we have it is because we are going to be giving you knowledge. It’s like going to college for a year and then telling the college you changed your mind and you want your money back. There is just no way that knowledge can be returned.  

We will begin your training at A1 with INFORMATION, and then we will quickly move to APPLICATION... The application is far more important than anything you read out of a book or sit in a classroom learning. We believe this is vital to your future success.

When you take A1's training you are getting more than training, you are also receiving a complete career change.

If you are ready to take the next step, now is the time to click on the button below and email me your name and email address. As soon as I receive it, I will email you the link to A1's FREE training audio module along with our workbook (PDF file). 

After you listen to this presentation, you will understand much of the "nuts and bolts" of what it takes to broker freight. PLEASE CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU HAVE FINISHED LISTENING TO THIS PROGRAM. 

Take care... and thanks again for considering A1!

For the Children,

J. David Ford
P.S.Please check out the foundation I founded in 2004 to help impoverished children in Nicaragua ( - foundation is very much on our hearts at A1. Please consider helping us to make a difference in the lives of these precious children.
A1 is taking freight broker training to "the next level."
We all hate to buy a "pig in the poke." This is why we have included ABSOLUTELY FREE, "A1's first training module" to acquaint you with important information about brokering freight.




Some of them will tell you how you are going to be making money beyond your wildest dreams! 

They’ll “offer you the moon,” knowing you’ll never get over the back fence.

The truth is… these kind of folks really don’t care if you succeed or not.  

Let's start with a "personal note" from the owner of A1... J. David Ford

THE COMPLETE COST OF A1'S FREIGHT AGENT TRAINING IS ONLY $798. (This can be broken down into two payments of $399.)


At A1… we believe that those who are teaching their students to run a logistic company by “devious means” are building a “house of cards” that will one day come crashing down on them.

It's your choice. You can spend
the time and money to travel "some- 
 where" for your freight broker training (and 
pay much more)  or you can experience one 
of the best trainers in the business train
you right in your home.

If you have:  

1)  purchased Phase 1 & 2.     2) completed Phase 1. 
3) then you you are ready for Phase 2 (which includes 30 days of "UNLIMITED" 
support via Skype and over the phone). 
Or to email David: (CLICK HERE)
 is not a "buzzword" 
at A1... it's our very 
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